Sunday, July 19, 2015


Seriously, celebrity hypnotists have a lot to answer for.  Don’t get me wrong, I think they’ve done an enormous amount to bring about public awareness to just how powerful a tool hypnosis is, but really guys is the clucking chicken, barking dog and the burning desire to make love to a chair leg really necessary?  Now, apologies in advance for using what I know is an overused sentence, but if I had a pound for every time a potential client declares “I don’t want to lose control”, I’d…well you know what comes next.  The paradox here is that when a person lands at my door, having decided they need help, their mind is already screaming “I’M OUT OF CONTROL”.

So let me explain how it works.  Your conscious mind can be your very best friend and your very worst enemy.  It is without doubt an important mechanism for your survival.  We all get that stepping out in front of a bus is not the smartest thing to do.  Likewise, that fire is hot and putting your hand into it is, again, not the smartest thing to do.  I could list ad nauseum the dangers that we know instinctively we should stay away from. That’s your conscious mind functioning at its best.  Keeping you safe and out of harm’s way and practising the skills learned from birth.  A good thing.  A best friend.  Yey!    However, your conscious mind is also like a child – the spoilt brat kind of child.  Once it has decided that it knows what it wants horses, wild or otherwise, cannot budge it.  It’s what you made it, what you have allowed it to be.  It knows nothing else and does not give up its persona easily.  It’s very comfortable, thank you very much, on its diet of “I can’ts” and “if onlys”.  It loves when you ruminate on the negative; procrastination is its number one fan.  Why give up the cycle of no change when there’s nothing safer than maintaining the status quo – to hell with harmful!  It will use bucket loads of fear if necessary to resist change.  It doesn’t fear me it doesn’t fear you, it fears nothing and nobody…except…well, except the subconscious mind.

Now let me explain the power that is your subconscious.  If the conscious mind is the child then let me introduce you to the adult.  However, this is no ordinary grown up.  This is the part of you that is wise beyond your comprehension.  It is the voice of reason.  It is the part of you that embraces change, confident in the knowledge that whatever it encourages you to do is for your well-being.  It knows your needs and wants in the minutest of detail and exists to serve you in all things positive.  You know those moments when you know in your heart that you should do something but don’t, regretting later that you didn’t follow that inner voice?  Well, that’s you allowing your conscious mind to out-roar your subconscious mind.  Every tool, every resource you need for the life you want to have lies within you.  So why wouldn’t you tap into that?  Well, that’s what hypnosis does for you.  It by-passes the conscious mind with ease and goes straight to your repair kit, as it were.  You remain in the driver’s seat, always in control, for the entire journey.  This is achieved by relaxing you…and when did relaxation become something to fear?

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